「two groups」の英語-日本語辞書


「two groups」日本語 翻訳


two groups {名詞}

two groups
二手 {名詞}

日本語での"two groups"の使い方


Englishtwo or more groups, esp. female and male students, combining for a party
Englishcontest between two groups

"two groups"に類似した翻訳-日本語

two 名詞
two 数字
two 形容詞
two people 名詞
two or three 名詞
two each 名詞
two hundred 名詞
in groups 副詞
dancing in groups 名詞
involvement of peer groups 名詞
to form groups 動詞
to gather in large groups 動詞
two great men 名詞
two o'clock in the morning
two out 名詞
two way 形容詞