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「to train to」日本語 翻訳


to train to {動詞}


日本語での"to train to"の使い方


EnglishWhen does the bus/train bound for__[location]__ leave?
Englishcommitting suicide by throwing oneself in front of an onrushing train
Englishrefusing to allow a passenger on board a train or into a bus or taxi
EnglishDoes this bus/train stop at __[location]__ ?
Englishcheating on train fare by buying tickets covering only the first and last portions of the journey
Englishstarting a train before all the passengers are on board
Englishtrain powered by a diesel or internal-combustion engine
Englishrushing to get on the train before the door closes
EnglishWhere can I buy a bus/train ticket?
Englishtrain derailment due to a concurrence of causes
Englishkilling by running over with a car or train
Englishnon-superconducting maglev train
Englishbase fare for a bus or train or taxi
EnglishWhere does this train go?
Englishsuperconducting maglev train
Englishinformal talk given aboard a train
Englishto train oneself in military arts
Englishtrain stopping almost every station
Englishtrain that stops at every station
Englishadvertisement hanging in a train

"to train to"に類似した翻訳-日本語

train 名詞
to 前置詞
to 名詞
to cling to 動詞
according to
to put an end to 動詞
to be due to 動詞
due to
to apply to 動詞