「this winter」の英語-日本語辞書


「this winter」日本語 翻訳


this winter {副詞}

this winter
今冬 {副}

日本語での"this winter"の使い方


Englishwinter-time practice of eating meat of animals such as boar and deer to ward off cold
Englishpasturing cattle in summer and feeding them indoors during winter
Englishlight shower on a night in late autumn and early winter
Englishswimming in the middle of winter or the cold season
Englishwinter wind whistling through a bamboo fence
Englishcold-water ablutions performed in winter
Englishwinter plum tree with reddish blossoms
Englishplum tree which blossoms in winter
Englishvisiting a shrine naked in winter
Englishwinter, night, and rainy weather
Englishlate-autumn or early-winter dew
Englishstaying indoors during winter
Englishsummer fires and winter fans
Englishstudless winter tire
Englishto go through the winter
Englishas winter approaches

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