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this spring [例]

this spring

日本語での"this spring"の使い方


Englishcongratulatory postcards with a spring pattern sold every year in February
Englishedible flower bud of the fuki plant, an early spring delicacy
EnglishEven if thirsty not to drink from "Robber's Spring"
Englishthe Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period
EnglishIn spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn
Englishrice gruel containing the seven plants of spring
Englisheighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring
Englishhot spring bath designed for soaking one's feet
Englishtransitional tide between spring and neap tides
Englishspring wind telling the tidings of flowers
Englisha spring that gushes forth from a valley
Englisha spring that gushes forth from a valley
Englishdishes based on spring onions and tuna
Englishspring sumo tournament, held in Osaka
Englishlong spell of rain in early spring
Englishspring flowers and the autumn moon
Englishclothes worn in spring or autumn
Englishspring day being long and balmy
Englishclothes worn in spring or autumn
Englishwarm and genial spring weather

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