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this ship {名詞}

this ship
本艦 {名詞}
this ship (同様に: mother ship)
本船 {名詞}

日本語での"this ship"の使い方


Englishpanels, planks or plating on the hull of a ship or aircraft
Englishpreventing a ship from passing or from leaving port
Englishceremonial assembling of a ship's crew on deck
Englishfence made from disused ship planks
Englishcombined cargo and passenger ship
Englishshogunate-licensed trading ship
Englishto load a ship with cargo
Englishship mooring off the coast
Englishwaiting for a ship to depart
Englishocean investigation ship
EnglishShip American Policy
Englishjet propulsion ship

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