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this school {名詞}

this school
当校 {名詞}
this school (同様に: main school)
本校 {名詞}

日本語での"this school"の使い方


Englishstyle of clothing popular in the late 1970s and resembling a Catholic school uniform
Englishused women's clothing such as bloomers and high-school sailor-suit uniforms
Englishgaining admission into a school in a school district other than one's own
Englishschool which teaches the techniques of fencing with a sword in each hand
Englishpassing university entrance exams in the last year of high school )
Englishoptimism experienced by college students or workplace recruits at the beginning of school or work
Englishblues experienced by college freshmen or workplace recruits shortly after beginning school or work
Englishtype of Japanese school uniform for boys often stand-up collar with long jacket and loose trousers
Englisha person who can not go to school or work because of phobia
Englishgovernment-backed school operated by a scholar out of his home
EnglishJapan's National High School Baseball Tournament
Englishday-care worker in a kindergarten, nursery school, etc.
Englishday-care worker in a kindergarten, nursery school, etc.
Englishschool for training bachelor girls in homemaking arts
Englishschool with flexible, child-centred curricula
Englishcontinuing one's education into graduate school
Englishschool attached to the Japan Red Cross Society
Englishstrong feelings of loyalty to one's old school
Englishcare of schoolchildren outside of school time
Englishold word for licensed elementary school teacher

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