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this one {名詞}

this one (同様に: since)
この方 {名詞}
this one (同様に: this person, this way, since, this method)
此の方 {名詞}

日本語での"this one"の使い方


EnglishNetscape could not find a News file (newsrc)\nand is creating one for you.
ニュース ファイル (newsrc) を見つけられませんでした。\n新しいニュース ファイルを作成しています。
EnglishCommunicator will ask you to select one to use each time it starts up.
複数のアカウントがある場合は、Communicator の起動時に、使用するアカウントを選択します。
EnglishCommunicator can only send a message to one news server at a time.
Communicator は、一度に複数のニュース サーバにメッセージを送ることはできません。
EnglishCommunicator will change your computer's network configuration to match the one saved in your selected profile.
通常、Communicator はお使いのコンピュータのネットワークの設定を、選択したプロファイルの設定に合うように変更します。
EnglishBetween… and… one can clearly see that the number of… has increased/decreased/stayed the same.
EnglishOne of the main similarities/differences between… and… is that…
EnglishOne can interpret the graph in several ways. Firstly it shows…
EnglishEnter tag name and any attributes or parameters for one tag only:
タグごとに、タグの名前と属性またはパラメータを入力してください :
Englishone cannot have pain without pleasure, and one cannot have pleasure without pain
Englishriding a horse so skillfully that it appears as if man and horse have become one
English., and based on his / her work, I would rank him / her as one of the best...we have ever had.
Englishexpression meaning that avoiding unnecessary talk can prevent disaster falling on one
EnglishSumo trick of leaning back and carrying one's opponent round and out of the ring
Englishbeing multi-talented means never really being especially good at any one thing
Englishone-piece garment with snaps up the front, sort of like a jumpsuit for babies
Englishsmall wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands
Englishtechnique of throwing one's opponent by pushing his chest while holding his thigh
Englishto quit something one has been engaged in too long or to an excessive degree
Englishelectoral system allowing for the election of multiple candidates from one district
Englishsmall wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands

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