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this office {名詞}

this office
this office (同様に: this place)
当所 {名詞}
this office (同様に: main office, police headquarters)
本署 {名詞}
this office (同様に: central government office)
本庁 {名詞}

日本語での"this office"の使い方


EnglishAdvanced level skills in Microsoft Office Suite / HTML programming.
EnglishOffice of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Englishdignified lady-in-waiting who had her own private chamber or office at court or in the shogun's castle
Englishscholarship student sent by government office or business
Englishturning a suspect over to the public prosecutor's office
Englishneglecting the duties of an office while taking pay
Englishstatutory office in the Heian and Kamakura periods
EnglishDirector General of Prime Minister's Office
Englishwhile being out of the office or away from home
Englishclosing of post-office or telephone exchange
Englishopening of post-office or telephone exchange
English... a bank/an exchange office?
English... a tourist information office?
EnglishDistrict Public Prosecutor's Office
EnglishSupreme Public Prosecutor's Office
Englishperson eligible for elective office
Englisha ward's public prosector's office
Englishpublic employment security office
EnglishDistrict Public Prosecutor's Office
Englishholding a post or being in office

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