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this member {名詞}

this member
本員 {名詞}

日本語での"this member"の使い方


EnglishWe're proud to introduce/announce the newest member of our family…
Englishmember country of the executive committee in an international organization
EnglishA mailing list cannot have itself as a member
メーリング リストはそれ自体をメンバーにすることはできません
Englishrequest to arrest a member of parliament while still in session
Englishpoem written by the Emperor or a member of the imperial family
Englishfinancial contributions to the UN made by member-nations
Englishchallenge another training group and defeat each member
Englishbecoming an adult or full-fledged member of society
Englishstanding member-nation of the UN Security Council
Englishbe a member of staff but useless as a worker
Englishfirst obon following the death of a family member
Englishincumbent member unaffiliated with a party
Englishstripping a Diet member of arrest immunity
Englishmember of an entourage or retinue or party
Englishmember states of the former Soviet bloc
Englishmember of an entourage or retinue or party
Englishmember of the Diet, congress or parliament
Englishlegislation introduced by a Diet member
Englishsimultaneously running for a seat in a single-member constituency and a seat in a proportionally representated constituency
Englishmember of the House of Councillors

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