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the body {名詞} [例]

EN the body

the body (同様に: air, appearance, body, condition)
[からだ] {名詞}
the body (同様に: constitution, physique, stature)
体躯 [たいく] {名詞}
the body
肉体 [にくたい] {名詞}

"the body"に類似した翻訳-日本語

the 名詞
the 形容詞
the 冠詞
body 名詞

日本語での"the body"の使い方


Englishlocal governmental body that requires federal oversight to recover from its debts
EnglishJapanese bird of the Turdidae family with black head and tail and reddish orange body
Englishmedicine and one's daily diet are equally important for a healthy body
Englishgeneral term for the nine holes in the body of humans and other mamals
Englishpractice of eating sushi or sashimi off an unclad woman's body
EnglishAikido technique, wherein the opponent is brought down by twisting his or her arm away from the body
Englishmythical carp with the head of a lion and the body of a fish
Englishgroove in the body of wooden plane which holds the blade
Englishmother's body, esp. when pregnant or after giving birth
Englishdistinctive body odor of the middle-aged and elderly
Englishgive one's body to a hospital for medical research
Englishperson with no property but his own body
Englishattaching a sleeve to the body of a shirt
Englishattaching a sleeve to the body of a shirt
Englishgroup that goes ahead of the main body
Englishpush an opponent out with one's body
Englishanatomical model of the human body
Englishfeeling refreshed in mind and body
Englishupper and the lower parts of the body
Englishthere in body, but not in spirit