EN play

1. 通常

play (同様に: prey)
プレイ {名詞}
play (同様に: dramatics)
演劇 [えんげき] {名詞}
play (同様に: game)
遊戯 [ゆうぎ] {名詞}
遊び [たわむれ] {名詞} (子供などの)
play (同様に: drama)
戯曲 [ぎきょく] {名詞}
play (同様に: drama)
芝居 [しばい] {名詞}

2. 劇場

play (同様に: drama)
[げき] {名詞}



EnglishIn every game or play, differences in skill between individuals can be substantial
Englishmid-January festival in northern Japan, with snow huts in which children play house
Englishbringing one's child to the local park to play for the first time
Englishgiving one's imagination full play without any ground
Englishspecial seats and standing-only space in the galley for people who only intend to see one act of a Kabuki play
Englishplay dealing with the lives of ordinary people
Englishwhen the cat's away, the mice will play
Englishto write a play, book, filmscript, etc.
Englishguy who knows how to play the ladies
Englishguy who knows how to play the ladies
Englishperforming a part in one's own play
Englishcontinued staging of a play or show
Englishto play a game on equal terms
Englishplay or production for children
Englishchief actor in a Kabuki play
Englishcontroversial or problem play
Englishstudy hard and play hard
Englishto play one's trump card
Englishleading actor in a Noh play
Englishleading actor in a Noh play