「large」日本語 翻訳

large {形} [例]

large {名詞}




EnglishNetscape has found a large number of mail folders.
自動購読設定中に、非常に多くのメール フォルダが見つかりました。\n購読するフォルダを選択してください。
EnglishNetscape has found a large number of mail folders.
自動購読設定中に、非常に多くのメール フォルダが見つかりました。
Englishtype of bed linen resembling a large beach towel and used to cover oneself in hot weather
Englishtype of Noh mask with a slanted mouth, bulging eyes and large nostrils
Englishcrime whose goal requires a large number of people acting together
Englishmerely knowing the meanings of a large number of individual words
Englisha large number of ships sailing in a long chain-like formation
EnglishI'd like to rent a small car/large car/van.
Englishthe large number of bridges over canals and rivers in Naniwa
Englishlarge wooden sumo rankings hung outside the tournament venue
EnglishHeaven's net has large meshes, but nothing escapes
Englishsaid of a person able to continue eating after a large meal
Englisha crowd or large number of one's retainers or subjects
Englishany large, red, deep-water scorpionfish with big eyes
Englishnetted apparatus atop a wall containing large stones, which were dropped onto attackers by cutting the net
Englishnumber of large objects such as cars, computers, etc.
Englishvery large float used to carry taiko at festivals
Englishlarge number of people plotting and doing evil
EnglishLarge bookstore with big foreign book section
Englishlarge-headed dwarf statue, bringer of good luck