in short

in short
つまり {副} (要するに)

日本語での"in short"の使い方


Englishindicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc.
Englishexpression meaning to fail one step short of great success
Englishshort two or three-fold lattice around the front desk of a store
Englishconverting short-term debt into long-term debt
Englishplane able to make short takeoffs and landings
Englishpound down the earth round the roots or add short branches of flowers to the base of an arrangement in ikebana
Englishshort pillar standing between a beam and roof ridge
Englishshort pillar set on a beam to support a ridgepole
Englishshort-sleeved kimono with a plain white backside
Englishform of martial art using a short cane staff
Englishtake a long walk off a short pier
Englishtraditional short coat as worn at festivals
Englishtraditional short coat as worn at festivals
Englishshort-term hand-luggage storage
Englishhaving a long torso and short legs
Englishshort and round sleeves of a kimono
Englishshort plants for flower arrangements
Englishshort-tempered or irritable person
EnglishJust a short note to tell you ...
Englishpithy or short and witty remark

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in short

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in 前置詞
in 不変化詞
in 名詞
in 接続詞
short 形容詞
short 名詞