「around」日本語 翻訳


around {副詞}




Englishexpression meaning that you learn, without realising it, from what is around you
Englishkind of bicycle favored by housewives running errands around their neighborhood
Englishcloth band worn around hair - named after a character in Tolstoy's novel "Resurrection"
Englishunlucky for all activities, with only the period around noon being auspicious
Englishlocking arms around an opponent and pushing him out of the ring in sumo
Englishshort two or three-fold lattice around the front desk of a store
Englishcord tied around the waist of a kimono before an obi is tied
Englishthrowing one's weight around in a small group without knowing one's real worth in a larger world outside
Englishgold-colored paper wrapped around the tip of a cigarette
Englishstyle of garden that features a path around a pond
Englisha person who follows someone around like a shadow
Englishpoking one's food around using one's chopsticks
Englishtown originally built around a temple or shrine
Englishto walk around being unable to settle down
Englishman who drives a woman around for free
Englishturning things around with a home run
Englishwith the election around the corner
Englishto roll around in the grass or mud
Englisheddies of wind around high buildings
Englishinside cloth used around cuff and hem