an expression {名詞} [例]

an expression (同様に: phraseology)
口回し {名詞} [稀]

日本語での"an expression"の使い方


Englishexpression meaning that you learn, without realising it, from what is around you
Englishexpression meaning that avoiding unnecessary talk can prevent disaster falling on one
Englishexpression meaning that specialists often fail to apply their skills to themselves
Englishexpression meaning something that is not what it once was but it is still high class
Englishexpression of vague dissatisfaction with a thing, person, or situation
Englishbinding particle, i.e. specifying an expression later in the sentence
Englishexpression indicating a high number of deaths from traffic accidents
Englishexpression suggesting that the pace of change makes ten years back seem like ancient history
Englishexpression used when the speaker is trying to recall some information
Englishexpression meaning to fail one step short of great success
Englishan expression meaning to motivate someone with rough words
Englishexpression meaning that genius shows from childhood
EnglishChinese four-character phrase or idiomatic expression
Englishexpression meaning one's real enemy is elsewhere
Englishdescription or expression of one's feelings
Englishto change facial expression or color
Englishexpression of gratitude before meals
Englishexpression used to depict a woman who is attractive primarily when it's dark out, she's far away, or her face is partially hidde
Englishto have a blank facial expression
Englishuse an indirect expression