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an authority {名詞}

an authority
権威者 {名詞}

日本語での"an authority"の使い方


EnglishAccept this Certificate Authority for Certifying software developers
この証明書発行人をソフトウェア デベロッパーの認証用に受け付ける
EnglishAccept this Certificate Authority for Certifying network sites
この証明書発行人をネットワーク サイトの認証用に受け付ける
EnglishAccept this Certificate Authority for Certifying e-mail users
この証明書発行人を電子メール ユーザの認証用に受け付ける
EnglishNot a valid FORTEZZA Certificate Authority
有効な FORTEZZA 証明書発行機関ではありません。
Englishresident audit request to local government authority
Englishministerial authority to grant permits and approvals
Englishto wear the mantle of authority and misuse it
Englishauthority as chairperson or president, etc.
Englishacting arbitrarily on one's own authority
Englishancient Buddhist ecclesiastical authority
EnglishTeito Rapid Transit Authority subway
Englishecclesiastical or educational authority
Englishperson exercising parental authority
Englishto exercise parental authority
Englishwithin the scope of authority
EnglishNational Personnel Authority
Englishabsolute authority or power
Englishauthority to dismiss someone
Englishexceeding one's authority

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