according to {接続詞}

according to
よれば {接} [例]

according to…として

1. "~によれば"
according to…として
according (according to…)

日本語での"according to"の使い方


Englishacting according to one's own beliefs, being undisturbed by others
Englishdetermining an attitude or response according to the opponent
Englishthe rules according to which posthumous names are assigned
Englishsumo bout that goes according to a wrestler's strategy
Englishbiographical notes and character sketches of prominent individuals, arranged according to place of birth or origin
Englishstreaming schoolchildren according to ability
Englishconferral of honors , according to merits
Englishacting according to one's inclinations
Englishaccording to the mood of the moment
EnglishAccording to the statistics…
Englishaccording to public opinion
Englishaccording to one's own whims
Englishaccording to one's own whims
Englishaccording to circumstances
Englishaccording to circumstances
Englishaccording to one's ability
Englishaccording to witnesses

"according to"に類似した翻訳-日本語

to 前置詞
to 名詞
to cling to 動詞
to put an end to 動詞
to be due to 動詞
due to
to apply to 動詞
to be addicted to 動詞