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a still {名詞}

a still (同様に: distiller)
蒸留器 {名詞}

日本語での"a still"の使い方


EnglishThis is to remind you that the above invoice is still unpaid.
EnglishYou will still need to change your mail and news servers in the Communicator preferences for your switch to be complete.
すべて切り替えるには、Communicator の設定でメールとニュースのサーバを変更する必要があります。
Englishexpression meaning something that is not what it once was but it is still high class
EnglishOur records show that the invoice still has not been paid.
English…years and still going strong. Have a great Anniversary!
Englishspeculatively buying a rice harvest, while the fields are still green
Englishegg slow-boiled so that the yolk is hard but the white is still soft
Englishdealing in rice speculating on the year's harvest while the paddies are still covered with snow
Englishrequest to arrest a member of parliament while still in session
Englishdepressing something and turning it while still depressed
Englishvideo containing a slideshow of still images
EnglishDVD containing a slideshow of still images
Englishharvesting rice while it is still green
Englishstill remaining after a thousand years
Englishto be orphaned while still young
Englishstill having slim chances of victory
Englishstill in the process of being formed
Englishstill in the process of being formed
EnglishSOCKS is still down.
Englishstill some way to go before goal

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