a step {名詞}

a step (同様に: stairs)
踏み段 {名詞}
a step
歩武 {名詞}

日本語での"a step"の使い方


Englisha bus without a step up into it, usually because it lowers itself, or has a lift
Englishstep out of the ring while carrying the opponent over the edge, not considered as loss
Englishexpression meaning to fail one step short of great success
Englishcompleting by executing the final, critical step
Englishone step forward, many steps backward
Englishtwo steps forward, one step back
Englishto step out of the bath
Englishhop, step and jump
Englishin step with the times
Englishto go a step further
Englishto step on a footstool
Englishto take a step backward
Englishto step over or across
Englishto step on the brake
Englishone step at a time

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