a secret {名詞}

a secret
内証事 {名詞}
a secret
秘事 {名詞}
a secret
密事 {名詞}

日本語での"a secret"の使い方


Englishany of a number of secret societies of ancient China
Englishsecret leader of a group of juvenile delinquents
Englishto have secret or illicit sexual relations
Englishsecret balloting with multiple entries
Englishknowing the secret of success in life
Englishprivate or confidential or secret talk
Englishto have secret communication with
Englishsecret or unauthorized pilgrimage
Englishdisclosing the secret of a trick
Englishsecret language of court ladies
Englishhighly confidential, top secret
Englishcompany or industrial secret
Englishsecret meeting or conference
Englishsecret, unrequited love
Englishsecret, unrequited love

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a 不変化詞
a 冠詞
secret 名詞
secret 形容詞