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a report {名詞}

a report
答申書 {名詞}

日本語での"a report"の使い方


Englishinfectious disease which by law a physician must report to the authorities within 24 hours of diagnosis
Englishorder requiring somebody to report personally
Englishreport of an official's offence to the emperor
EnglishEconomic Report of the President
Englishoffering a full report to a superior
Englishexpert's written opinion or report
Englishreport given to deity or nobility
Englishreport of the loss of an article
Englishquick report of votes counted
Englishreport of a school absence
Englishreport of early withdrawal
Englishmonthly economic report

"a report"に類似した翻訳-日本語

a 不変化詞
a 冠詞
report 名詞