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「a cross」日本語 翻訳


a cross {名詞}

a cross
十文字 {名詞}

日本語での"a cross"の使い方


Englishbright red table grape, a cross between a Flame Tokay and a Neo Muscat
Englishsquare or rectangular bento box containing cross-shaped separators
Englishthe green cross symbolizing faith, liberty and truth
Englishschool attached to the Japan Red Cross Society
EnglishInternational Committee of the Red Cross
Englishcross-language information retrieval
Englishcross-language information access
Englishcross between a mallard and domestic duck
Englishtype of spear with curved cross-blade
Englishdrain with an oblong cross-section
Englishto make the sign of the cross
Englishcross country skiing
Englishto cross a mountain

"a cross"に類似した翻訳-日本語

a 不変化詞
a 冠詞
cross 名詞
cross 形容詞
to cross 動詞
a little 形容詞
a little 副詞
a little bit 副詞