a child {名詞}

a child (同様に: an only child)
a child (同様に: an only child)
独り子 {名詞}
a child

日本語での"a child"の使い方


Englishthe importance of creating an environment conducive to a child's learning
Englishbringing one's child to the local park to play for the first time
Englishphrase used to ward off catching 'dirtiness' from another child
Englishtransmission of the secrets of an art, craft, trade or learning from father to only one child
Englishobi-tying ceremony designed to ensure safe birth of a child
Englishschool with flexible, child-centred curricula
EnglishThe parent is the best judge of the child
EnglishEven plain parents can produce a genius child
EnglishThe parent is the best judge of the child
Englishdetermination of a child's sex before birth
Englishchild-rearing with frequent physical contact
Englishchild who has returned to his or her country
Englishskilled actor who is like a child offstage
EnglishSpare the rod and spoil the child
Englishchild orphaned from a traffic accident
Englishstreet performance by itinerant entertainers featuring a tumbling act in which a child performer wears a carved lion's head
Englishceremony for child growing hair long
Englishchild born in first half of the year
Englisha burnt child dreads the fire
Englishcelebration of a child's seventh day

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