a break {名詞}

a break
晴れ間 {名詞}

日本語での"a break"の使い方


Englishto make a gesture or say something during a break in conversation, playing of songs, etc.
Englishunscrupulous sales practice involving expensive hard-to-break contracts
Englishbreak granted to sumo wrestlers engaged in a prolonged bout
Englishplan to overcome an obstacle or break out of a deadlock
Englisharistocrat taking a break during a trip in a palanquin
Englishmake-or-break game in a go or shogi tournament
Englishto break the strong defenses of the enemy
Englishplaying an entire composition without break
Englishtending to break out or project easily
Englishto break on the shore and retreat
Englishto break the Buddhist commandments
Englishbelow the break-even point
Englishsumo match with a break
Englishto break through a siege
Englishto break into fragments
Englishto break one's promise

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