「proctor」ポルトガル語 翻訳

EN proctor

proctor (同様に: forwarder, impresario, initiator, promoter)





EnglishThe whole model of being Proctor and Gamble is always about average products for average people.
E todo o modelo de ser a "Proctor and Gamble" é sempre produtos medianos para pessoas médias.
EnglishProctor and Gamble knows this, right?
A "Proctor and Gamble" sabe isso, certo?
EnglishWhen Proctor & Gamble went from 26 different kinds of Head & Shoulders to 15, they saw an increase in sales by 10 percent.
Quando a Proctor & Gamble passou de 26 tipos diferentes de Head & Shoulders para 15, eles viram nas suas vendas um aumento de 10.