EN to agitate
[agitated|agitated] {動詞}

to agitate (同様に: to campaign)
We know that it is not right to agitate from the public gallery, but these people were surely unaware of that!
Wir wissen, daß es nicht richtig ist, von der Tribüne herab zu agitieren, aber diese Menschen wußten das mit Sicherheit nicht!
to agitate (同様に: to stir up)
to agitate (同様に: to budge, to stir)
to agitate (同様に: to campaign)
to agitate (同様に: stir)
to agitate (同様に: to mix, to scramble, to stir together)

ドイツ語での"to agitate"の使い方


EnglishAll of us here are joining together to agitate for action against poverty, while at the same time the Council of Ministers is binding our hands.
Wir alle propagieren hier gemeinsam Aktionen gegen Armut, und andererseits fesselt der Ministerrat uns die Hände.