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we 所有名詞
to laugh 動詞
laugh 名詞

スペイン語での"we laughed"の使い方


EnglishWe could have laughed about it together.
Nos podíamos haber reído juntos de esto.
EnglishAt that time, we were laughed out of court.
Englishwe laughed till we cried
nos reímos hasta que se nos saltaron las lágrimas
Englishwe laughed till we cried
Englishwe laughed our heads off
Englishhow we laughed!
Englishhow we laughed!
EnglishWe only just managed to obtain such an opt-out, but we managed it, even if we were laughed at to some extent and told that there was, of course, no danger.
Nos costó mucho conseguir esta excepción, pero lo logramos, aunque se rieron de nosotros diciendo que las harinas eran totalmente inocuas.
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