「strong-willed」スペイン語 翻訳

EN strong-willed

1. 通常

strong-willed (同様に: persistent, stubborn)
strong-willed (同様に: pushy, importunate, niggling, pressing)
strong-willed (同様に: with firm views)
connotado {形} [メキ] (decidido)
voluntarista {形} (con fuerza de voluntad)
“The house is burning...” and if we are not strong-willed enough soon there won’t be any forest to protect, more precisely, the primary forests which are so rich in biodiversity.
“La casa se quema… ” y si el mundo no actúa de manera voluntarista, ya no habrá bosques que proteger, en particular, primarios tan ricos en biodiversidad.

2. "determined, self-assured"

strong-willed (同様に: oh no!, that's too bad!, obstinate, persevering)

3. "obstinate"

strong-willed (同様に: self-willed, perverse, pigheaded, wilful)
strong-willed (同様に: mulish)





EnglishI call upon the competent persons in Parliament to ensure that a strong-willed person is appointed and sent to Phnom Penh as soon as possible
Hago un llamamiento a las personalidades competentes del Parlamento para que garanticen que se nombre a una persona fuerte y la envíen cuanto antes a Phnom Penh.
EnglishIt was in Rome between June 1511 and March 1512 that the artist executed his likeness of this highly art-minded – but also extremely strong-willed and irascible – pope.
Fue en Roma, entre Junio de 1511 y Marzo de 1512, cuando el artista ejecutó la imagen de este Papa, gran pensador pero con un carácter muy fuerte e irascible.