「to stick up」の英語-スペイン語辞書


「to stick up」スペイン語 翻訳

EN to stick up

1. "on wall"

to stick up (同様に: to posit, to position, to poise, to drop)
to stick up (同様に: to make, to position, to put on, to play back)

2. "raise"

to stick up (同様に: to cause, to erect, to hoick, to jack)

3. "rob"

to stick up (同様に: to hold up, to rob, to blag, to heist)

スペイン語での"to stick up"の使い方


EnglishI hope British MEPs stick up for Britain.
Espero que los diputados británicos al Parlamento Europeo den la cara por Gran Bretaña.
EnglishOnce more, in championing CAP reform, it falls to Labour to stick up for the interests of ordinary people.
A la hora de sostener la reforma de la PAC, corresponde a los laboristas, una vez más, defender los intereses de la gente corriente.
Englishlearn to stick up for yourself
Englishto have a stick up one's ass
Englishto stick up for oneself
Englishto stick up for
Englishto stick up for
Englishstick 'em up!
Englishstick 'em up!
EnglishWe must stick up for and protect that European model of society, and this recommendation and this report address precisely that idea and that model of society.
Nosotros tenemos que defender y salvaguardar ese modelo europeo de sociedad, y esta recomendación y este informe responden precisamente a esa idea y a ese modelo de sociedad.