「she likes」の英語-スペイン語辞書


「she likes」スペイン語 翻訳

she {所女}

EN she likes

she likes (同様に: he likes, he loves, he wants, she loves)
quiere {他動}
I can send her the reports if she likes, but they are the basis of the Commission’s decisions.
Puedo enviarle los informes si quiere, pero en ellos se basan las decisiones de la Comisión.
she likes him, but she doesn't love him
le resulta simpático pero no lo quiere

"she likes"に類似した翻訳-スペイン語

she 所有名詞
to like 動詞
like 形容詞
like 前置詞
like 接続詞

スペイン語での"she likes"の使い方


Englishshe can't spend what she likes, she has to keep within a limit
no puede gastar lo que quiera, tiene un límite
Englishshe likes to fit people into neat little categories
le gusta encasillar a la gente de manera simplista
Englishshe likes to keep her room spick and span
le gusta tener la habitación como una tacita de plata
Englishshe likes to brag about her son being a doctor
le gusta sacar pecho con que el hijo es médico
Englishshe likes to keep them guessing about her age
le gusta hacerse la interesante sobre su edad
Englishshe likes to keep her room spick and span
le gusta tener la habitación limpia y ordenada
Englishthe more she knows them, the less she likes them
cuanto más los conoce, menos le gustan
Englishshe likes plenty of greenery around the house
le gusta tener la casa llena de plantas
Englishshe likes to have breakfast before eight
Englishshe likes to be in the thick of things
Englishshe likes her home comforts
Englishshe likes the classical look
Englishshe likes her creature comforts
Englishshe likes playing the guitar
Englishshe likes to play the guitar
Englishshe likes a bit of rough
Englishshe likes macho men
Englishshe likes macho men
Englishshe likes to shock people
Englishshe likes such tacky things