「to pull through」の英語-スペイン語辞書


「to pull through」スペイン語 翻訳

EN to pull through

1. "help recover"

to pull through
ayudar a recuperarse

2. "recover"

to pull through (同様に: to recuperate, to rally, to pull around)
reponerse de una enfermedad

3. "survive"

4. "help survive"

to pull through (同様に: to rescue, to salvage, to bridge, to clear)
to pull through

スペイン語での"to pull through"の使い方


EnglishThere would be no need to pull a cable through the
de las ciudades, ya que elimina la necesidad de utilizar cables terrestres.
Englishthey don't know if he'll pull through
EnglishSome of them will pull through.
Englishto pull through a crisis
EnglishWe must trust our entrepreneurs, those who make the economy work; we can pull through this crisis only if we join together and help each other.
Debemos confiar en nuestros empresarios, los encargados de la labor económica; únicamente podremos recuperarnos de esta crisis si estamos unidos y nos ayudamos.