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EnglishI was able to meet with them very regularly and all of you can testify to their unstinting efforts.
Tuve la oportunidad de reunirme con ellas de forma regular y todos ustedes pueden dar fe de que no han escatimado esfuerzos.
EnglishWe meet with them at regular intervals.
Nos reunimos con ellas en intervalos regulares.
EnglishI would like to meet with them personally, because, please believe me, I have not been in Brussels for a single day since then.
Me gustaría recibirles personalmente porque, créanme, desde entonces no he estado en Bruselas ni un solo día.
EnglishI am very happy to meet with them.
Es para mí un placer reunirme con ellos.
EnglishCould the Council meet with them?
¿El Consejo podría reunirse con ellos?
EnglishFrom their point of view, based on the fact that we regularly go back home and meet with them, the implementation of the 2009 budget cannot be regarded as a success.
Desde su punto de vista, puesto que con regularidad vamos a casa y nos reunimos con ellos, la ejecución del presupuesto de 2009 no puede considerarse un éxito.
EnglishIt is unacceptable that there should be such moves of entrenchment as it seems that a given criterion takes on more or less importance according to those who fail to meet with them.
Es inaceptable que haya posiciones a priori, según las cuales se considera determinado criterio más o menos importante según quiénes sean los que no consigan cumplirlo.


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