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EnglishThe Commissioner has come here today and told us that there is no evidence of these breaches.
El Comisario ha venido hoy aquí y nos ha dicho que no hay pruebas de estas violaciones.
EnglishThe President-in-Office has come here to listen to what I have to say - or at least, I hope he has!
El Presidente del Consejo ha venido para escuchar mi exposición. Al memos lo espero.
EnglishOn the eve of the G20 Summit, Gordon Brown has come here to speak in front of the European Parliament.
En la víspera de la Cumbre del G-20, el Prime Ministro Brown ha venido aquí a hablar ante el Parlamento Europeo.
EnglishI am not just pleased that he has come here, but also that there have been two issues fundamental to this Parliament on which he has helped us positively and demonstrated his political sensitivity.
Y no se trata solamente de que haya venido, sino de que en dos cuestiones fundamentales para el Parlamento nos ha ayudado positivamente y ha mostrado su sensibilidad política.


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