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「to chuck out」スペイン語 翻訳

to chuck … out {動}

EN to chuck out

1. "get rid of"

to chuck out (同様に: to bung out, to empty out, to sling out, to toss away)
botar {動} [ラテア]

2. 日常的な

to chuck out (同様に: to throw, to flip, to toss, to chuck away)
to chuck out (同様に: to ditch, to dump)
jubilar {他動} [日会] (desechar, tirar)

3. "expel"

to chuck out (同様に: to chase off, to dump, to boot out, to bung in)

4. "reject", イギリス英語

to chuck out (同様に: to decline, to defeat, to disdain, to reject)

スペイン語での"to chuck out"の使い方


EnglishMoreover, EUFOR is the name by which the mission is already being welcomed on great big posters in Sarajevo, so let us leave it at that and chuck ALTHEA out with the junk where it belongs!
Además, EUFOR es el nombre por el que ya se saluda a esta misión en los grandes carteles que cuelgan en Sarajevo, así que dejémoslo estar y desechemos el nombre de ALTHEA.