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「to bring into focus」スペイン語 翻訳

EN to bring into focus

to bring into focus (同様に: to point up, to spotlight, to emphasize, to underscore)
poner de relieve
to bring into focus (同様に: to define, to pin down, to delineate, to determine)
I think it is more important to bring into focus what we want to achieve before we give up responsibilities, because I can imagine we could meet with a great deal of protest otherwise.
Creo que resulta más importante definir primero qué se quiere hacer, antes de renunciar a esas actividades, ya que, en caso contrario, me figuro, que un montón de gente estará en contra.

"to bring into focus"に類似した翻訳-スペイン語

to bring 動詞
into 前置詞
focus 名詞
to focus 動詞

スペイン語での"to bring into focus"の使い方


EnglishThe huge efforts undertaken by the EIB bring into focus the importance of optimising the use of EIB capital.
Los ingentes esfuerzos acometidos por el BEI destacan la importancia de optimizar el empleo del capital del BEI.