「briefing」英語 翻訳


「briefing」フランス語 翻訳

brief {名詞}

FR briefing

1. 通常

briefing (同様に: compte-rendu)
briefing {名詞}
Mesdames et messieurs, il y aura un briefing pour les journalistes accrédités...
Ladies and gentlemen... there will be a full briefing for all journalists.
notice biographique sur les candidates retenues ainsi qu'un briefing
background briefing on the process by which they were selected.
Briefing for the Minister of Education, Wellington (MOE, 2005).
Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Education. Wellington (MoE 2005).

2. 気象学








FrenchHeavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Initiative, Briefing Paper No. 2, mars.
G-24 Secretariat (2003). Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Initiative.
FrenchJ'ai d'ailleurs oublié de remercier les deux avocats qui ont fait mon briefing.
I have forgotten to mention the two lawyers who briefed me.
FrenchUn briefing préalable obligatoire est donc une exigence minimale.
A compulsory brief beforehand is therefore a minimum requirement.
FrenchLe Parlement n'a reçu aucun briefing et n'a tenu aucun débat.
There have been no briefings to parliament and no debates.
FrenchLes gouvernements du Royaume-Uni et des États-Unis ont reçu un briefing complet et ont débattu les enjeux avant l'attaque.
The governments of the United Kingdom and the United States have been fully briefed and have debated issues prior to the attack.
FrenchA briefing on the request and contract will be given at 10.00am
The organisation is composed of four specialised groups: Register, Technology, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture, and Education and Theory.