ES refrescar
[refrescando|refrescado] {動詞}

refrescar (同様に: templar)
refrescar (同様に: enfriar)
to cool down {動} (make cooler)
a esta hora del día empieza a refrescar
it starts to cool down around this time of day
to sweeten {他動} (freshen)
to turn cooler {動}



SpanishEs posible que debas refrescar la página para que los cambios surtan efecto.
You may need to reload the page for the changes to take effect.
SpanishQue este debate sirva para refrescar ese espíritu.
May this debate serve to renew that spirit.
SpanishTan solo quiero hacer algunas observaciones que podrían refrescar el debate o bien cansarle todavía más, señor Comisario.
Instead, there has been a different division, which has led to a directive which, in my view, is only a first step.
Spanishse masca chicle para refrescar el aliento
Spanishrefrescar el gaznate
Spanishrefrescar el gaznate
SpanishConsiderémoslo un contrato con el que refrescar la memoria de estos países.
Djibouti is one of the countries covered by the Lomé Convention, and we should regard this as a contract between us and point this out to the other countries involved.
SpanishQuisiera, de todas maneras, subrayar que quizá, como es una segunda lectura, convenga refrescar la memoria sobre el contenido de lo que es la difusión de resultados.
I would, however, like to stress the fact that, as this is a second reading, it would perhaps be worth refreshing our memories as to what the dissemination of results implies.