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ES mantener a flote

mantener a flote
to buoy {動} [比]
mantener a flote
to buoy up {動} (boat, raft, person)

英語での"mantener a flote"の使い方


SpanishHabríamos podido mantener a flote una parte sustancial en la segunda lectura.
We could have kept a substantial part of it afloat at second reading, but it looks as if this too is not going to happen.
Spanishmantener a flote un proyecto
SpanishSi se promueven tales foros de debate, habrá realmente una oportunidad de conseguir mantener a flote la pequeña y mediana industria naviera.
If such discussion forums are facilitated, there really is a chance of our managing to keep the small and medium-sized shipping industry afloat.
SpanishPor esta razón debemos hacer todo lo posible para mantener a flote a este Estado fracasado y garantizar a sus ciudadanos un nivel mínimo de seguridad física y material.
This is why we must make every endeavour to keep this failed state afloat and guarantee its citizens a minimum level of physical and material security.
SpanishSobre la base de las posibilidades que se presentaron en la primera lectura, habríamos podido mantener a flote el pacto de confianza de la Comisión, o por lo menos sus elementos financieros.
We had the chance at first reading to keep at least the financial elements of the Commission's confidence pact afloat, but we did not dare to take the risk.
SpanishNo se trata, de hecho, sólo de unos pocos puestos de trabajo; no se trata, de hecho, sólo de un sector económico que hasta ahora hemos podido mantener a flote con éxito.
In actual fact this is not just about a few jobs; it is not just about a sector of the economy whose difficulties we have, after all, been able to overcome so successfully up until now.
SpanishResaltemos el hecho de que ya hemos probado esto antes como continente: en los años setenta recorrimos este camino de mantener a flote industrias no competitivas, con consecuencias desastrosas.
Let us just make the wider point that we have tried this before as a continent: in the 1970s, we went down the road towards propping up uncompetitive industries, with disastrous consequences.