「deslumbrar」英語 翻訳

ES deslumbrar
[deslumbrando|deslumbrado] {動詞}

deslumbrar (同様に: encandilar)
to blind [blinded|blinded] {他動} (light, wealth)
De momento, están más o menos deslumbrados por la complicación de los cálculos y, en definitiva, los árboles les impiden ver el bosque.
For now, they are more or less blinded by complicated calculations and, ultimately, cannot see the wood for the trees.



SpanishNo creo conveniente dejarnos deslumbrar por el espejismo tecnológico.
I do not think it is appropriate to let ourselves be dazzled by technological wizardry.
Spanishde fuera del País parece deslumbrar.
And anything from outside the country seems more attractive.
SpanishY, en 1982, se impusieron objetivos sociales a las empresas del sector público competitivo para deslumbrar a la población y a los ejecutivos del socialismo triunfante.
And, in 1982, social objectives were imposed on businesses in the public competition sector in an attempt to shock the people and the executives of triumphant socialism.