"the body"の英語-日本語辞書

EN the body 日本語 翻訳

the body {名詞}
the body {名詞} [例]

EN the body

the body (同様に: air, appearance, body, condition)
[からだ] {名詞}
the body (同様に: constitution, physique, stature)
体躯 [たいく] {名詞}
the body
肉体 [にくたい] {名詞}

"the body"に類似した翻訳-日本語

the 名詞
the 形容詞
the 冠詞
body 名詞

日本語での"the body"の使い方


Englishbody and mind as one
Englishanatomical model of the human body
Englishmist over a body of water
Englishmist over a body of water
Englishreaction of a living body
EnglishJapanese bird of the Turdidae family with black head and tail and reddish orange body
Englishto take something into the body
Englishto put on lower-body clothing
Englishupper and the lower parts of the body